vacant staging - essential package

The OG Interiors' Essential Package: Unleash Your Home's Potential

Elevate your space with The OG Interiors' versatile 'Essential Package.' Whether your home is cozy or sprawling, this package is tailored to enhance its market appeal. Our expert team brings style and sophistication to your property, offering carefully selected furnishings and decor along with a professional consultation and design plan. See what's included below and get ready to make a lasting impression with the 'Essential Package' from The OG Interiors.

The sample images displayed below are intended to inspire and provide a glimpse into the potential of our 'Essential Package' staging services. Please note that the actual furnishings and decor items may vary depending upon the unique layout and dimensions of your space. These images are curated to offer you an idea of what your transformed home could look like with our Essential Package. Our expert team at The OG Interiors is committed to tailoring each staging project to suit your property's distinct character and style, ensuring a stunning result that perfectly complements your space.

An image depicting a living room with staged furniture
An image depicting a dining room with staged furniture
An image depicting a primary bedroom with staged furniture
An image depicting a primary bathroom with staged accessories
An image depicting a kitchen and dining room with staged furniture and decor
An image depicting a bathroom with staged accessories