a la carte - small spaces

elevate every corner of your home

Elevate the charm of specific spaces within your home with The OG Interiors' 'Small Spaces - A La Carte Items.' Each item shown represents an individual add-on option for enhancing various corners of your home. Whether it's enhancing the seating in your primary bedroom, creating a cozy reading nook, or optimizing productivity in your office, we offer specialized staging add-ons for these distinct areas. Our dedicated team will ensure each corner exudes its unique appeal, creating a bespoke staging plan that leaves a memorable impression. Explore how our small space a la carte items can transform every nook and cranny of your home with The OG Interiors. See below for what's included in each area:

The sample images displayed below showcase individual add-on options from our 'Small Spaces - A La Carte Items' offered by The OG Interiors. Each item represents a unique staging solution for enhancing specific spaces within your home, such as primary bedrooms, reading nooks, entryways, and offices. Please note that the actual furnishings and decor items may vary to suit the specific layout and dimensions of your space. These images are meant to inspire you and highlight the creative potential of our small space staging options. Contact us to discuss how we can customize your staging project with these individual add-ons and create a lasting impression.

Image depicting a seating area with chair and side table and dresser in primary bedroom
An image depicted a staged home office with furniture, artwork and decor
An image depicting a seating area with staged furniture and decor
An image depicting a home office with staged furniture and decor